The new 2020 Submariner by omega replica watches is launched

Part 1: The watch

It is now the 26th year of our Lord. On this day, 1 September, omega replica watches unveiled the subtle but significant evolution of its most iconic model, the Submariner. This watch is inextricably linked to cinema, has been worn by some of the most iconic men and women on the planet and has played a role in shaping human history since its launch in 1953.

It is important to understand that every time omega replica watches introduces a new version of the Submariner, or any of their near-mythical timepieces, it is not done to create a novelty. On the contrary, each time omega replica watches introduces a new model, it is building the next link in an ongoing evolutionary process that is characterised by a steady improvement in every dimension of that watch. It does so in order to progressively advance every aspect of its timepieces, making them the most reliable and best executed luxury sports watches on the planet.

Today, we take a look at the new Submariner collection, including the 124060 model without date, which replaces the 114060 model launched in 2012, and the 126610 model, which replaces Panerai Radiomir Replica Watches the highly respected 116610 model launched in 2010. We will look at the details of these watches in terms of case, dial, bezel, movement and bracelet, and how they represent functional improvements to the Submariner, all in aid of omega replica watches's long quest for the perfect dive watch.

On the left is the date of the 2020 Oyster Perpetual Submariner, on the right is the Ref. 126610 and the undated Ref. 124060 in Oyster steel (©Revolution) on the right.

The new 41mm case

You may have just experienced the initial apprehension that swept Tag Heuer Replica through the Revolution office when you saw the statistic “41mm” when we first learned that omega replica watches had increased the size of the seemingly perfect 116610 case by 1mm. We immediately said, “But everyone is going for more classic proportions, why would omega replica watches make the Submariner bigger. ” But rest assured, the increase in size is purely a paper statistic. For the new 124060 and 126610 cases actually feel smaller, slimmer and more elegant than their predecessors.

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